Listen fellow button-mashers; we are old school gamer types here and we don’t play no shit.   In other words, we know games.  It doesn’t matter what you think you know, or where you read your information or even where we like to go read ours… what matters is our 25 years of gaming experience.  What matters is that most of us here at BuzzedBrain were personally kicking ass in Battle-toads, and plowing people over in Pigskin Football (yeah, it’s like that.) back when back when was back when.  And why may you ask have we decided to suddenly wade through the fogs of our brains to bring this up now?  The answer is simple.  We want too.  Nothing will ever replace the first time we jumped up the lifting beams at the end of level 1-2 in Mario Bros; scooted across the blue bricks and dropped into level warping bliss.  We will never forget being completely dumbfounded at the graphics of the Nintendo 64 and then again at the original Playstation.  Ahhh, the Gamecube: you under-rated little bastard.  Resident Evil just hummed on your insides.  It was awesome.  Look, we can name-drop all day here and really drag the point of that out, so hopefully you get it. WE. KNOW. GOOD. GAMING.  When Skyrim and Grandtheft Auto 5 were released, we did not think it would be possible to pry our attention spans from the hundreds of hours of customization, carnage and just overall genius that went into those two masterpieces on the Playstation 3…

To our greatest pleasure… we were wrong.

The Playstation 4 (PS4)  is a high powered gaming machine not to be taken lightly.  We assume that the XBOX ONE is equally impressive in its own right, and from a social standpoint, perhaps superior…  However, the PS4 seems to be the bees knees.  It has a very simple and user friendly interface, and the perks of the very affordable $9.99 per month plus membership quickly make you forget about the pesky monthly fee. (including new FREE games every month.)  Yes, yes you pay the membership fee, but the point is; that its worth it.  As more and more titles become available, the new graphics engine is really starting to shine.  NBA 2K15 is gorgeous, and the added feature of scanning your own face to the game is just what we believe to be one small example of what the future holds.  We envision massive online/offline RPG’s where you’re actually scanning your own face to fit your created characters.  They will have expressions and acquire sweat, cuts, blood, bruising and battle grime.  Oh yes, the future is very bright for this system.  It would not surprise us one bit if the new Dragon Age allowed this feature.  Perhaps that’s wishful thinking, but deep down, we know you see why we would be excited.

So cough up the cash, get a PS4, kill some braincells and hold on to your butt-cheeks because this ride into gaming paradise is about to blow you away.


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