It appears American’s aren’t the only ones flocking to Colorado for legal weed, on October 11, 2014; three shiny objects (UFO’s) were witnessed by many locals and filmed in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Authorities are covering up what they can, as usual, because our great leaders feel that we, as a species, are not ready to learn of our cosmic neighbors.  There are several theories on what would happen if the aliens actually did make contact; the most frightening being that we would be a primitive, harmless civilization, miles behind in the technology race to them; at which point they would simply poison our atmosphere from a distance to minimize casualties to their population and then steal our natural resources from beneath our rotting bones…


Here at BuzzedBrain, we would like to think that if an alien civilization had actually advanced to the point of bending the time space continuum for the sole purpose of travel, and reached our little planet, then surely they would be educated enough to realize the importance of galactic networking and the significance and beauty of life itself.  Peace is the only true way to co-exist regardless what planet you call home… and we would like to believe that a sophisticated race capable of reaching us would have learned this reality through various trials and errors during their own history… just as we have.

While the objects have yet to be identified, this is a situation we will be keeping a close eye on.  It seems inevitable due to all of the consistent global sightings that the truth will one day become public knowledge…

Until then, our gaze remains fixed upon the stars… wondering what mysteries and untold stories are waiting for human discovery.


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